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September 29, 2015

How to customize your own domain on

If you want to have your custom domain with you first need to buy a domain.
I recommend you to first search on google to buy domain.
A low cost domain offerings that I recommand for .com / .net domains is offers first year for $2.99 and additional years for $14.99
▶Total $17.98which is saving $6.02 if your planning to use 2 years. I created a little chart for easy understanding of how works.
Google Domain
Total Savings
1 year$12.99$12.00-$0.99
2 years$17.98$24.00$6.02
3 years$32.97$36.00$3.03
4 years$47.96$48.00$0.04
5 years$62.95$60.00-$2.95

▶This makes it very cheap for people who usually buy 1 year for about $12. If you are planning to use your domain for more than 5 years, buy your domain on google. Google allows you to buy a domain for $12/year.

▶After you purchased your personal domain you need to set up DNS Recored.
There are total 6 Records that you need to add to your Record where you bought your domain.
If you bought your domain, go to Manage Domain page then  you will see add Host.

Click Manage (differs from where you bought your domain)

(I use Cloud Flare so my screen is different)

Add Host name @ and for IP address you need to type:

IP Address:
Your Unique CNAME
Your Unique CNAME

(@ means Null this enables you to skip typing www. in front of your domain)
Your Unique CNAME can be found on▶ Your Blog ▶ Settings ▶ Basic

(Your Unique CNAME is highlighted above)
Click Save▶

After you click Save

Make sure you check mark Redirect to

If you forgot you accidentally erased your CNAME from your Record and don't know where where to find your unique CNAME go to the link below and check.

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